Do you feel super stuck – unable to get to that next level in your business (or even in your life!)

Are you in a place where you know you are meant for soooo much more – and you are giving away a discounted version of yourself to the world

Do you feel called to greatness? But have no idea what steps you need to take to make it happen? 

Are you ready for a massive expansion and uplevel in impact, influence, and income?

Are you ready to work with a high-level coach that has made millions in courses, coaching and consulting?

Have you decided that one day you will work 1:1 with Dr. Tracy Timberlake?

Welp…now is the time.

You are here on PURPOSE.

You are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

And I know exactly what its like to hold space for that kind of calling! 

When I started my business 3 and a half years ago, I decided that I was going to live my life in a way that would show people what is possible for theirs.

And that has been the catalyst behind every single goal I have ever had: From growing my social media platforms, creating million dollar courses to consistent 6-Figure Launches, to working with my clients as I help them become the BEST version of them that they can be. 

I have figured it all out, so you don’t have to.

Its my life’s work to teach women (and men) just like you how to get to their next level…and the work starts now!

Together we will: 

  • Get clear on your desires, learn to honor them, and strategize how to make it happen.

  • Get confident on your calling, step fully into your power and Raise your prices – because youre probably not charging enough.

  • Fill in all the mindset gaps that are holding you back from massive amounts of impact, income, and success.

  • Increase your online influence using a content driven social media strategy

  • Plan out and execute your FIRST (or next) 6-figure month 

  • Expand into a empire full of offers that you are 100% ready to release into the world 

  • Celebrate!!! Because, look at what you are about to do! OMG!

Working with me 1:1 Looks like:

Unlimited sessions over the course of 6 months

Unlimited daily support via FB Messenger

Priority Access (and deep discounts) to any offer Dr. TT releases while working together (including, Intensives, VIP Dinners, and retreats)

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Flourish Media Conference Ticket and 1 full day intensive



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And now, some Dr. TT Tough lovin’ 

You will never be more supported than in this program – I mean, you have a life and business coach on tap! You will never not have access to clarity.

I will show up fully for you. I will empower you to empower yourself. I will brainstorm with you and help you bring your most genius ideas to life. I will teach you my strategies. I can teach you how to energetically align with your purpose. How to live at the frequency of the answered prayer, how to be a magnet for all the things you desire. I can usher you into your next level of life, business, expansion, money, influence, impact, etc….

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Legally, I cannot guarantee results. But…let’s be honest, you can achieve any result you want! And I am more than happy to share examples of results other clients have experienced while doing this same work.

Here are some client results...

  • Clients have called in over $10,000 in a day

  • Clients have secured 6-Figure annual contracts

  • Clients have doubled their prices

  • Clients have created entire new 6-figure businesses

  • Clients have learned how to manage their time so as to build more freedom

  • Clients have increased their social following by over 400%

  • Clients have created (and sold out) their offers


And the list goes on... Are you IN?






I am an Award Winning Business Coach  and I help Entrepreneurs, leaders ad influencers step fully into their power to build a business that aligns with their greatness.

4 years ago, I was beauty vlogger who was still working a 9-5 in a job that didn’t feel expansive. It felt stifling and like I was discounting my genius for the security of a steady paycheck.  I always knew I was meant to do more…I just had no idea what that was.

Once I was exposed online entrepreneurship and personal branding, I just knew I had found THE THING!

My first course launch made me $8,000 – and I was hooked. I submitted my resignation not long after that – and the empire building began!

Now, having over 12,000 people take my courses and trainings, and having created programs that have have sold over a million dollars, my life is exactly as I envisioned it to be.

One of freedom. One of impact.

I spend most of my days in yoga pants (my favorite). Some days I work 2 hours, some days I work 3. When I am launching, I may work a little more – but I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!

My mom is retired and travels the world, and I pay for it.

My nieces go to college without worrying about the bill.

And I do what I want, when I want.

I buy what I want. I give what I want. And I teach my clients to do the same!





It feels pretty good to be me.

And this is what I want for you, too!

Just like you, I started out as a girl with a laptop and a dream. I am not a special *snowflake* – there is nothing available to me that is not available to you!

There is nothing that I have that you don’t have access to.

And I will show you exactly what you need to do to make it all happen.



Get everything you see above + some pay in full bonuses


PAY IN FULL FOR 24 weeks


Get everything you see above + some pay in full bonuses



$7500 Down

And $4000/month for 5 months thereafter.

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If you have read up to this point, then you probably feel the twinge to apply – but may be afraid. Maybe you’re afraid it won’t work. Maybe you’re afraid of the investment (which is significant), maybe you’re afraid you won’t have the time.

Don’t let current circumstances, appearances and effects be your decision maker.

Don’t let those things be the stop sign – you have let that go on long enough!

It’s not my practice to talk anyone into anything, because I truly believe that if you desire it – then it is meant to be so. Your heart knows the answer – waaaaay before your head does.

What does your heart say? 

What would it feel like if you had all of the support you needed to expand?

What would it feel like if you woke up every day to a life and business you truly loved. One that YOU designed?

What would it feel like if your life’s work was fueled by your passion and your calling?

What would it feel like if you made all of the money you desired?

Those feelings are very telling, my friend.

Allow yourself to feel them.

Allow yourself to trust them.

Allow yourself to decide based on a heart decision – not a head one.

I know its scary. That’s normal.

You are allowed to be afraid.

But you’re not allowed to stay stuck because of it – I won’t let you do that.

So, take the leap! And lets do this.