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Dr. Tracy Timberlake is an Award Winning Digital Marketing Strategist and and Award Winning YouTube Vlogger. She has helped hundreds to, not only start an online business, but also with building an online platform for themselves so that they can show up as EXPERTS in their industry.

She got her start in the online world as a YouTube Lifestyle Vlogger turned Video Strategist. But that was not enough! She wanted to know if online success was replicable. Is it transferrable? Is it systematic? So, she took time out of life to study online entrepreneurship like it was her business.

A pioneer and industry expert in the field of entrepreneurship, Dr. TT has uncovered a secret to successful digital strategy, proven by over 11,000 hours of work, thousands of pages of research, hundreds of women studied, dozens interviewed, and one very lengthy dissertation! No one knows more about the online entrepreneurial industry than Dr. TT!

She has worked with brands such as Herbal Essence, Marc Jacobs, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Miami Herald, and dozens of radio shows and podcasts across the globe. If you are ready to build an online platform using the power of social, then Dr. TT is your person!

"Last month I made $7K - more money than I have ever made! Tracy's coaching didn't just change my business, it changed my life!"

Joy A.
Psycho-Therapist | Parenting Strategist

"I tried another coach before Tracy who was inexpensive. Because I wasn't used to investing in myself. But working with Tracy, I got so much more."

Stacie D.
Financial Strategist & Money Coach

"I landed 2 clients in my 3 month Intensive using the notes you gave me (in your FREE challenge)!"

Safira V.
Self-Empowerment & Lifestyle Coach


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