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Most coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs are charging TOO LOW!

NOT because they aren't really good at what they do. 

NOT because there aren't any clients who are ready to pay high-end prices.

It's because they simply don't know how to create high-end programs that actually sell!

So, they stay stuck -  creating $197 coaching programs or charging a fraction of what they should be for coaching and consulting and wonder why they have a hard time getting to $10K months. 

If you are one of those people, then BOSS, its time to raise those prices and start creating products and programs YOU KNOW match your level of genius!


There are people in this world that are willing to pay for support at EVERY price point. 

Seriously! You can charge $100 an hour for your services, or you can charge $10,000. 

What does that mean for your business?

It means you can play at any level and there are customers and clients waiting for you there!

It means you can sell your offers for $50 or $5,000 or even $50,000!

YUP! 100%!

As you read that you might be thinking… that is insane!!! Those prices are most people’s yearly salaries!


I mean, people aren't even wanting to pay your prices now! How in the world are you going to get any clients if you raise your prices?

Well, thats because you don't understand the art of luxury branding and how to create Elite Level Experiences for your customers and clients.

My clients, people just like you, are creating high-end programs left and right! And guess what?

I'm talking $2500 Self-Study Courses

$3000 One Day Intensives

$5000 Group Coaching Programs

$7500 Workshops

and even $250,000 corporate training packages. 

Not only are they creating them, but they are getting clients to sign up because there are also people who intentionally set aside a large chunk of their yearly budget for personal development, business consulting, family counseling, health & fitness etc…

I have coached them how to be among the elite. How to who desire more, claim more and stop at nothing to make our dreams come true.

And we know that it’s much easier to get there with the guidance of someone who’s already been there and done that!

Want to know how you can find clients that are willing to pay that kind of money?

Stick around...

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So how do you create these programs AND attract these kinds of clients?

Well, it’s really starts with an inner shift.

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Selling high-ticket offers goes hand in hand with offering an elite experience and it all begins with...

>>> Understanding what it really means to be HIGH END

>>> Aligning with what that means for you and your brand

>>> Figuring out what your new high-end pricing should be and

Feeling comfortable in this new normal

So many entrepreneurs believe that in order to make more money, they simply need to increase their prices...

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High ticket can be whatever price point you want it to be.

For some people, high ticket means $1,000 and to others it means $100,000.

But in order to charge that kind of price, you need to really be aligned with that pricing.

Every single cell in your body needs to say, ‘YES!!! This is the price I am charging!’ so that when someone reaches out, you are both confident & clear about what you offer and what it’s worth.

The last thing people want is uncertainty.

They can smell it from a mile away!

When you tell them how much your offer is without having done the inner work, without believing with your whole heart that THAT is what you should be charging, you are immediately going to have an internal dilemma about even saying that price out loud.

This will have your head spinning! And in that moment, you’re going to panic and want to offer extra bonuses & incentives which will, quite frankly, make you reek of desperation.

That is the last thing you want!

You want to be CONFIDENT.

You want to be CLEAR.

You want those words to roll off your tongue as if it were a well-recited prayer.

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Hi! I’m Dr. TT, Award Winning Business Coach!

I have had tremendous business success! But, it wasn’t enough for me to be successful; I wanted to know if my online success was replicable. Is it transferable? Is it systematic? So, I took time out of life to study online entrepreneurship like it was my business...

(because…I mean…seriously, it is!)

...and found the secret to successful elite strategy. I legit got a doctorate in this stuff lol!

To date, over 13,000 people have taken my courses, workshops, and online trainings. My goal is to always make sure you have what you need to succeed in this!

Entrepreneurship is my life, and you uplevel and expand is my passion!

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Over the past 4 years, I have successfully built a coaching a digital empire that brings in millions of dollars from both new and existing clients.

Let me be completely transparent… none of this happened overnight.

I have invested heavily in myself, and my business to help me get it right. I got the Dr. Title so you wouldn't have to!

But the one thing I attribute the most to my success???

THE MINDSET WORK! they an inside job. If you don't believe it, you won't achieve it. If you don't go all in - you won't win. 

You can slap a $15,000 price tag on anything you want. But it's not sexy to have a high-end program that doesn't sell!

But I get it...It ain't easy!

None of us grew up with this kind of belief system.

But here's what I want you to know...


The value of what you bring to the table is easily double that - am I right? Or am I right?

And if you are struggling with figuring how how to package it in a way that you know can help your people...

If you can't seem to price your services at the level you want them to be because you're worried no one will buy from you...

If you need an upgrade to your mindset to match your genius...



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Listen, your people want to hire the BEST. Well, that's you. 

But if you're playing small potatoes with one off coaching calls and charging hourly rates for something that you know is worth thousands...that just won't do! 
Your programs need to match your genius. 

And your pricing needs to match that. And that's why I want you in this program. So, I can help!

Here's how we do it.
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Lesson 1
The Mindset Stuff

This, by far, is one of my favorite lessons ever created! Clients how have taken this course listen to it over and over again! They have told me its life-changing!

I break down everything that you need to implement to fully step into an Elite Experience (with many examples) so that you can create amazing offers and charge the prices that you truly want to charge!

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Lesson 2
Becoming Elite

What does it mean to be THE BEST? The upper echelon? High-End? Most people don’t have a clear understanding of what Elite really means. There’s a saying that goes, when you are not intentionally looking for something, it can be right in front of you but you would miss it. 

If you want to be a high-ticket coach or consultant - then you are going to need to understand what that means!

This lesson also comes with a very powerful exercise to help you RAISE YOUR PRICES!

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Lesson 3
How to Create Intensives

If you don't have this in your business - you need it. NOW! Intensives are so powerful! They are such a win-win for both you and your client. 

In this lesson I give you a breakdown of how I run my intensives and give you a lot of insight into how you can create your own!

And of course, how to price them as an ELITE Level Coach/Consultant.

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Lesson 4
High-End Group Programs

Group Programs are a great way for you to be able to serve more people at the same time. Maybe your capacity to do 1:1 work or done-for-you work is completely full. 

Group Programs allow you to work with more people at the same time and make a larger amount of money.

Lesson 4 teaches you how I run my group programs a LOT differently than most people in my industry and the reason I am able to charge the prices I do.

If you’re looking to charge higher prices for your group programs, this lesson is for you!

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Lesson 5
High-Ticket Sales

This lesson is where we get into actually making sales.

Now that you know and understand how to uplevel your energy and frequency and step into an Elite Experience, you need to find clients!

Where do they come from?

That’s what Lesson 5 is all about!

You get INSTANT access to all of it! So, you dive in RIGHT AWAY to start creating those Elite Level packages and programs for your people! They are waiting!


Elite Experiences is valued at over $2500. 

The normal investment for the program is $1000.





Get instant access to the program!

All workbooks, all trainings





Get instant access to all the things...

but the option to pay over time.

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Passion Roosevelt

"The mindsets has been the number one thing that has worked for me. I’m no longer scared of money. I’m okay with the flow of money. Money comes in, money goes out and money comes back in. I’m not afraid to tell people I charge for my services and I’m no longer discounting my price or should I say my value. Thank you Tracy Timberlake"

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"You’re on a whole ‘nother level...I'm blown away by the Elite Experiencesl Course - totally up-leveled my vision!!!"


This program is for you if...

You're an expert in your field… you know your work like the back of your hand. You can teach people and support them through great transformations with your eyes closed.

Maybe it’s what you already do for work or maybe it’s what you’ve started doing in your own business.

Now, being an expert doesn’t mean you need to have 10+ years of business experience.

You just need to know enough about your offers and services to provide ELITE level service.

When you’re able to do that, you can charge ELITE level prices.

I go into detail about providing Intensives and Group Programs and really stepping into the person who sells high-ticket offers.

But I do not, I repeat, do not give you step by step instructions on what to put inside each module or what to include in your packages. This is not a course creation program. This is an ELITE EXPERIENCES Program.

That would be an insult to you and your expertise because only you alone know how to provide a deep transformation for your client.

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"Now, I understand the value I hold, so my worth is increasing. I'm feeling very confident about the $$$ I charge for my services."



SAVE $$$

Get instant access to the program!

All workbooks, all trainings





Get instant access to all the things...

but the option to pay over time.


Final word from Dr. TT...

If you have read this far then I want you to know that I see you...I hear you...I understand you...and, more importantly, I am with you!

Like I said, you are allowed to play at any level you desire. You can sell $100 coaching programs or you can sell $10,000 courses. I have seen it all!

But, I want to challenge you to think bigger than you have been. I want to challenge you to take all of your genius and package it into something that you are truly proud of. 

I won't want you to price your services and then resent your clients for not paying you enough - because I have seen that happen too many times from brilliant people who don't know how to create programs that represent their genius at a price that honors that!

And when you see people making the 6, multiple 6, and 7 figures in your industry - I promise you - they are NOT charging nickel and dime prices. Why would they?

They know what they bring to the table, and so should you. Elite Experiences will help bring it out into a form that makes you excited to show up for your clients everyday! And THAT is what I want for you! So, let's get this show on the road! I will be waiting for you inside!